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WE   DID   IT !!

See you in 2018

After significant planning and your outstanding support,  our VrroomVIP 'mini' JazzFEST was a HUGE SUCCESS !!!  Special thanks to the VrroomVIP Core Team (Mimi Uncensored, DJ Smooth Jazz,  Shots to the Head Photography) for their amazing efforts in ensuring we've presented an outstanding showcase of talent to Durham, NC.   A very special thanks to John Dillard for his outstanding Music Directorship and our Premier Sponsor - Brian Dougherty and Champion Automotive for their never ending support.   Also thanks to the Durham Arts Council , Durham Marrriott City Center and 21c Museum Hotel for their local support and the countless number of supporters who helped spread the word.   Finally, thank you to all of the amazingly talented artist who helped shaped the overall VrroomVIP 'mini'  JazzFEST experience and are supportive of our VrroomVIP mission.  


2017  Video Highlights

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