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Performance consisderation

The OPTIMAL experience for LIVE JAZZ


   Let's create a WIN-WIN

Established in 2012, VrroomVIP:Upclose & Personal (, is a jazz event production company that specializes in producing upscale jazz events and concerts for a sophisticated audience.  We are focused on creating an unique and immersive jazz experience for our guests, with high quality Jazz artists from across the country.


 We treat everyone with the utmost respect and act with the highest level of integrity in all interactions. Moreover, we appreciate and respond to every inquiry in a timely fashion. As such, we expect the same respect, professionalism, responsiveness from artists, agents or other artist representatives for VrroomVIP JAZZ Stage performance consideration. 


For VrroomVIP Upclose & Personal

its about building a

WIN-WIN lasting relationship.

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We do not stroke ego's

Unfortunately, we felt a need to clarify considering the interactions with a few artists, agents and artist management who's ego were much larger than the way we operate or are willing to accept. 


Don't count our pockets

Based on our experience, some have attempted to project how much revenue we are anticipated to make based soley on ticket prices and venue size. There's no way to accurately project without knowing the overall expenses to host the VrroomVIP JAZZ Experience.  Just like we do not attempt to calculate how much an artist makes on their corresponding gigs, we ask for the same respect.

We find asking our ticket pricing as part of negotiation very offensive and doing so will not work for us.  Again, we treat everyone with the utmost respect and act with the highest level of integrity & professionalism in all interactions.




What's our budget? .

Currently our budget range is $1500 - $7000 per show, depending on a number of factors (ex band, backline, etc.), overall expenses, and can fluctuate based on continued support/interest.  Do NOT assume the high end of our budget range for negotiations.  We will ONLY offer what our budget dictates.

In addition to our budget, we typically include the following concessions:

a) 2 nights of lodging (out of town artists only)

b) Ground transportation to / from RDU

c) Artist retains 100% of any merch sales

d) VrroomVIP House band option


Please do not proceed further if you feel our budget range or any of the items mentioned above are not acceptable for your needs



Still interested in performing on the VrroomVIP Stage?


 If you would like to be part of our amazing journey simply fill our the artist form below completely.


Jazz powerhouses such as Marcus Johnson, Adam Hawley, Brian Simpson, Althea Rene, Selina Albright, Jasmine Ghent, Lin Rountree, Lao Tizer, Oli Silk and many more have graced the VrroomVIP JAZZ stage at the Durham Arts Council and other VrroomVIP partner venues within beautiful downtown Durham.  We'd love for you to join our family.


Loved the variety of great artists and the unique experience of the meet and greet. EXCELLENT. ....

"A great socio-cultural event!"


"Class act!!! Very impressed Previously lived in Durham and moved back Florida in 2018. Was so excited to come back and enjoy the event. "


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